WiFi Calling Increases 95% As Homebound Consumers Dial In

Consumers homebound by COVID-19 are leaning heavily on connectivity.

The latest stats from AT&T show core network traffic -- including home broadband, wireless and business usage -- was up 25% on Monday compared to a similar day at the end of February.

People continue to spend more time talking on the phone, with wireless voice minutes of use increasing 34% compared to an average Monday.

Home voice calling minutes by consumers increased 40%.

Consumers also are taking advantage of using WiFi for making calls, with the number of minutes increasing a whopping 95% from an average Monday.

Meanwhile, a leading European telecommunications trade group said that despite the network traffic increase caused by more remote working, networks are holding strong.

Interestingly, the AT&T network usage increases last week and, so far, this week are holding relatively steady.

These dramatic increases in how consumers are using mobile is, at least for now, the new normal.

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