As HBO Max Nears Launch, What Shows Will Be On?

HBO Max’s launch marketing efforts are getting some mixed results -- especially when it comes to which popular TV series will be featured on the forthcoming streaming service.

A Morning Consult poll finds that only 13% of respondents knew that big Warner Bros-produced show "Friends" -- which aired initially on NBC --  would be on the new streaming service. And only 24% understood that “Game of Thrones” episodes (which aired on HBO) would also be on HBO Max at launch.

For another recent Warner Bros. TV show -- “The Big Bang Theory,” which aired on CBS -- 12% of consumers understood that episodes will be on HBO Max.

HBO Max marketing materials -- TV advertising and display advertising -- include show video clips and other images of many Warner Bros.-produced and HBO-aired shows.  



HBO Max starts up May 27.

Respondents were a bit more interested in original new programming for HBO Max. The survey found 25% of adults said they would be more likely to subscribe for its new TV shows.

Looking at individual WarnerMedia brands, HBO got the most notice with regard to HBO Max.

Thirty-four percent of potential consumers said they would be likely to subscribe if TV/shows were included from the existing HBO cable network, while 32% said they would subscribe if there were TV shows/movies from Warner Bros; 28% said they would subscribe if there were shows from Cartoon Network; 27%, from DC Comics; 25%, from Turner Classic Movies; 25%, from Looney Tunes; and 23%, from TNT.

At the same time, respondents were virtually all correct in their knowledge of what would not be on the HBO Max ---  “The Mandalorian” (on Disney+) and “Stranger Things”  (on Netflix).

The Morning Consult/Hollywood Reporter poll was conducted May 14-17 among 2,200 U.S. adults, with a margin of error +/-2%.

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