Email Flies: Engagement Rises By 200% During COVID-19 Pandemic

Email response is rising even while website traffic is declining during the pandemic, according to a study by Glance Inc., a firm that offers metrics-reporting for digital marketers. 

There has been a 200% surge in email marketing engagement, and a 13.6% falloff in web traffic overall and a 27.7% reduction in page views. 

Business & industrial marketers have generated a 289.79% uptick in email traffic, and the sports sector has risen 206.3%.

Even the travel industry, which has been particularly hard-hit by COVID-19, has enjoyed a 49.95% increase in email engagement.

Glance Inc. examined data from Google Analytics that it has on its platform. The company found that paid social and Google Ads increased by 52%. But paid search has decreased by 44%, while organic and direct search traffic fell by 11%. 

In terms of web traffic, the Home and Garden sector is doing the best, with a 54% increase in web page views. And online communities have pulled a 31% increase.



But traffic is down in several other areas, including internet and telecom (36%), jobs and education (36%) and news (49%).

Glance found the news decline especially surprising. 

“Every ounce of reasoning dictates that this number should not be negative, much less -49%!” the study states. “Are people saturated with the news? Has over-sensationalism finally caught up with news websites?”

Glance also documented a bounce rate of 90% that was observed for new users across sectors.

But the Finance sector saw a 42% decrease in its bounce rate, while online had a 10% drop.

Meanwhile, there has been a 15.9% decline in web traffic by new users, but a 13.3% jump among returning users.

The latter points to a “trend of aspirational planning. It looks like seasoned travelers and regular users of these travel sites are taking this opportunity to plan out their next vacation/travel,” the study notes. 

Marketers have reduced their digital advertising by 27%. But brands in some areas have increased it by staggering proportions: 

  • Art & Entertainment — 989.52%
  • Home & Garden — 116.05% 
  • Internet & Telecom — 108.36%
  • Travel — 83.29%
  • Jobs & Education — 79.11%

Meanwhile, the Arts & Entertainment area saw a 51.6% increase in direct traffic, while online communities saw a rise of 46.70% and Home & Garden had an increase of 24.77%.

In addition, the beauty & Fitness area has experienced a 127% leap in organic traffic, while Home & Gardens is up 65% and Healthcare has risen 37%.


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