People Expect Live Events In 2021 To Enact Preventive Measures Like Masks, Temperature Checks

People are eager to return to in-person events after the COVID-19 pandemic, but only with added protections, according to new research from Berlin Cameron and Perksy.

Half of those over age 30 say they will “most likely” attend large, in-person events after the pandemic, compared to 63% of Gen Zers. The vast majority of all Americans (84%) agree 2021 events, such as E3 and SXSW, will need preventive measures in place.

For these post-pandemic events, one in three want all attendees to be required to wear masks, 33% demand capping capacity at limited numbers and 29% want temperature checks. Almost one in four believe there should be mandatory corona testing before anyone is allowed to enter an event. 

There are also many who remain concerned about their health and wellness irregardless of safety precautions. Nearly three in 10 (28%) refuse to attend any in-person event until there is a COVID-19 vaccine and another 7% feel there are no tactics that can be adopted to convince them to ever return to group events.



The report also addressed behaviors during the lockdown with 73% of respondents claiming to engage with content more frequently since the onset of the virus. Netflix is the clear front runner with 76% of people watching it now more than ever before. They seek laughter. Almost six in 10 (58%) agree comedy is today’s most watched genre.

In addition, 62% say they are watching more movies, 53% have increased their viewership of videos on social media. Two in 10 (20%) will likely increase their video game play.

The survey queried 1,000 Americans across Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X and Boomers.

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