Video Streamers Maintain High Consumer Satisfaction Scores, Pay TV Sees Lower Results

Video streaming services continue to post high overall consumer satisfaction scores compared to other related communications services businesses -- with Disney+ scoring high marks.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index gives video streamers a 76 score (out of 100) in 2020 -- the same number as in 2019.

At the low end of all communications/entertainment businesses are subscription TV services (cable, satellite, and telco), with a 64 number. Coming in slightly higher are internet service providers (with a 65 score), video-on-demand services (68), and fixed-line telephone service (70). 

These four communications/media services rank among the lowest in the survey.

Looking at specific video streamers, Disney+ scored a 80 number -- the highest among all streaming services. 



This is followed closely by Netflix (78); the Apple TV app (formerly iTunes) 77; Hulu (also 77); Amazon Prime Video (76); Microsoft Store (76); CBS All Access (75); Starz (75); Amazon’s Twitch (75); YouTube TV (75); Apple TV+ (74); Google Play (74); and HBO (74).

Top-rated subscription (pay TV) services include Verizon’s FiOS and AT&T’s U-Verse, each with a 70 number. 

Although cord-cutting is still a major factor, pay TV has seen a slight increase in satisfaction -- up 3.2% versus 2019. One major factor is the improved results from Comcast’s Xfinity service, up 11%.

The best-rated internet service provider is Verizon’s FiOS (73). As a group, ISPs have risen 4.8% in satisfaction. The top fixed-line phone services are Verizon and Vonnage, each with a 74 number. The overall fixed-line phone group is down 1.4%.

The best-rated U.S. product/industries overall, according to a recently release survey for 2019-2020, are breweries (84); personal care/cleaning products (83); food manufacturing (82); and soft drinks (82).

In terms of specific entertainment products (not communication/entertainment services) television sets/set-top-box players are also in this top tier of consumer products, posting a score of 82..

The research data comes from interviews with 500,000 customers annually, analyzing satisfaction among 400 companies across 46 industries and 10 economic sectors.


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