Kickbox Offers Email Deliverability Suite

Kickbox, an email verification firm, has debuted a set of tools to help get emails into the inbox. 

The firm’s new Email Deliverability Suite is designed to help marketers “monitor all aspects of their email program and understand how to improve their inbox placement, without having to rely on extensive training or help from a deliverability professional,” states Lauren Meyer, VP of industry relations and compliance at Kickbox. 

That involves tracking email health, sender reputation, and deliverability metrics, the company says. 

According to Kickbox, the suite includes these capabilities:

  • Spam Testing 
  • Email Design Previews 
  • Reputation Monitoring 
  • Real-Time Alerts 
  • Engagement Analytics 
  • DMARC Reporting 

Meyer says “several acquisitions have happened in the deliverability monitoring space over the past year and a half, leaving the market primed for an alternative they could trust.” 




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