Dynamic Yield Expands To Embed Personalization Across Channels

Dynamic Yield, a provider of personalization services, has expanded its eXPerience APIs to help firms create and control customer experiences on the server-side.  

The goal is to provide brands with a “secure, centralized code layer that is able to unify all data sources and activate it, regardless of the channel, device, or web technology from which the application is served,” states Liad Agmon, CEO of Dynamic Yield.  

According to Dynamic Yield, eXPerience APIs can help firms: 

  • Embed personalization into kiosks, point-of-sale systems, interactive screens, call centers and other channels.  
  • Enable developers to control page structure and content when creating a personalized campaign.
  • Experiment and target experiences without exposing sensitive data on the browser.
  • Launch campaigns through the server-code to prevent the front end of the website from slowing down.

Agmon says COVID-19 "has emphasized the importance of digital communication channels between brands and their customers.” 

Dynamic Yield helps brands deliver personalized experience via email, web, apps and other touchpoints. 



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