Acquia Debuts New Open Digital Experience Platform

Digital experience company Acquia has launched an open platform to help brands utilize their data to create personalized multichannel experiences. 

The new Acquia Open Digital Experience Platform (DXP) enables marketers to “add new functionality and components as they grow, or fast-forward into a full digital experience platform, depending on their level of maturity,” states Mike Sullivan, CEO of Acquia.

Among its enhanced (and rebranded) features is a tool called Campaign Studio, formerly Mautic, that helps brands engage audiences via email and other digital channels across silo walls, the firm says. 

Also being offered is a customer data platform, formerly known as AgilOne, that allows marketers to segment customers based on observed behaviors and product affinity, the company says.  

The capabilities also include:

  • Personalization, formerly Acquia Lift
  • Campaign Factory, previously Maestro, for managing global campaigns 
  • Site Studio, formerly Cohesion, for building web sites
  • Developer Studio — for Drupal developers. 

The new platform empowers “developers and marketers to collaborate in driving agile digital transformation across an organization,” states Jacob Groshek, of client IDC.




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