Hulu Starts Self-Service Ad Manager For Small, Mid-Size Businesses

Small and mid-size businesses can now get direct access to buying advertising time on Hulu, with the launch of Hulu Ad Manager.

Companies can make media deals for as little as a $500 media campaign on Hulu.

"We understand that small and medium sized businesses are faced with mounting challenges," writes Faye Trapani, director, self service platform sales, for Hulu, in a company blog on Wednesday. “It’s critical for these businesses to have a way to get in front of their customers and communities.”

The blog post says Hulu Ad Manager is starting as a beta effort.

Hulu says it has made advertising deals with the top 200 brands in the U.S.

Last month, Hulu announced a new video advertising management platform -- Disney Hulu XP, available October 1 -- allowing marketers to make cross-media deal across all Disney networks/platforms. 



Rita Ferro, president of Disney Advertising Sales, told Television News Daily there will be “one guarantee on the completion of video views covering all video views on any Disney platform.”

Hulu, a premium subscription video platform, pulled in $670 million in paid advertising -- and $1.27 billion in subscription fees -- according to  analysis of Walt Disney’s yearly 10K filing for 2019.

Bernstein Research says Hulu had a net loss from continuing operations of $774 million in 2019.

Previously, eMarketer projected Hulu’s gross advertising revenues to be $1.89 billion in 2019, climbing to $2.7 billion in 2021.

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