NBCUniversal Adds 11 New Advertising Formats For Marketers

NBCUniversal is creating 11 new advertising formats for TV marketers to consider for their advertising efforts.

Under its Content and Commercial Innovations effort, these formats are intended to offer better reach and engagement for marketers.

For example, one area “1:1 Talent Surprise” can have talent during commercial breaks offering up live, branded video chats. Another effort -- “Set on Set” -- yields content where talent can deliver brands' messages while on the sets of their shows.

When it comes to branded content, NBC says “Brand Experience” enables marketers to incorporate messages into TV shows -- in collaboration with NBCUniversal's writers, producers and talent. 



In addition, “Experiences at NBCU” offers a live (and or virtual) connection with fans and their content at special events. 

NBCUniversal says it now has 30 new innovative advertising formats. 

These originally started in the fourth quarter of 2018, with Prime Pods -- a single 60-second commercial pod for marketers. This was an effort to reduce the commercial clutter that marketers have long complained about.

Since then, NBC has launched Shoppable TV, which ties content to specific commerce, through a QSR code appearing on screen. NBC Universal Checkout is where viewers click and buy items they see through a dedicated commerce area.

NBCU says these new ad formats are working, as 92% of viewers appreciate commercial innovations compared to standard ads, while 88% are more likely to remember the featured brand; and 78% are less likely to change the channel.

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