LiveIntent To Fuel Onboarding Services For InfoSum

Marketing platform LiveIntent is partnering with InfoSum to provide onboarding services for InfoSum’s North American clients. 

The goal is to offer a “privacy-first, first-party data onboarding solution for a market that must guard against the rapid deprecation of third-party identifiers,” states Richard Foster, CRO at InfoSum. 

LiveIntent is supplying InfoSum with a non-reversible, encrypted email hash, the company says. InfoSum’s clients can bridge data sets using identifiers within their data, it adds. 

That data can be used as a tool for media targeting powered by Demand Side platforms, 

In addition, InfoSum clients can use the first-party data onboarding service to build relationships across channels, devices and platforms, LiveIntent continues. 

LiveIntent President Brian Silver states that “LiveIntent’s DNA was forged in the email channel.”  

The email address is an identifier that can help brands succeed “in an era where third-party cookies have an expiration date,” Silver adds. 



LiveIntent CEO Matt Keiser states that “Publishers and brands are at a crucial point in history as they grapple with both increasing market dominance by a handful of digital players and the related necessity for companies to maximize their use of their first-party data.”

InfoSum says it hopes to move the industry from a closed ID ecosystem to an open identity layer. Its clients store their CRM and first-party data in private data “bunkers.”


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