6sense Debuts Targeting Tool Based On Purchase Intent

6sense has added a new targeting tool to its Account Engagement platform. 

The new product, Native Retargeting, allows marketers to programmatically serve display ads to all website visitors and those from target accounts who display intent to buy.

"The objective is to help firms launch micro-targeted, programmatic display campaigns for buyers across all stages of the purchase journey,” states Viral Bajaria, CTO and co-founder of 6sense.  

The self-service tool uses the platform’s intent network, account identification and approach for delivering AI-driven buying state predictions, the company says. 

This helps brands identify, prioritize and engage ideal customer profile accounts that show purchase intent, it adds.  

Native Retargeting helps users engage target accounts through ads with chosen publishers, the company continues. 

The tool has been tested by CoreView.

“By targeting audiences who are in-market with personalized advertising, we’ve aligned sales and marketing, and are generating quality leads that excite both departments, which is an incredibly refreshing feeling in a time of uncertainty,” states Tahlor DiCicco, vice president of global marketing at CoreView.





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