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Online Bank Chime Launches First Branding Campaign

Online bank Chime is launching its first branding campaign that focuses on the diversity of its client base.

Created by barrettSF, the animated brand spot highlights individuals—from a yoga master, a barista, and a barber to a cook who flips flapjacks—who gain more financial peace of mind through Chime’s fee-free banking services. The emotion-driven spot aims to celebrate Chime’s mission to make banking better for everyone, because financial peace of mind should be available to everyone. 

“Whatever your Zodiac, Chime’s got your back,” the ad’s narrator raps as we pan through images of these colorful characters. “Tell your barber, tell your neighbors, tell your first-born son, Chime’s making banking better for everyone.”

The 30-second national spot is running on cable, network broadcast and digital.



During the past two years, the shop has created national, multimedia, product-focused-direct response spots for the financial services brand that were primarily focused on driving sign-ups.

The work focused on Chime as a helpful, easy-to-use alternative to big banks—one that offers free services, no predatory fees, and floats paychecks earlier than most banks. 

Many Americans are dealing with uncertainty and stress about everything from their health to their career status and personal finances, said Melissa Alvarado, chief marketing officer at Chime.

“We know that people need trusted financial services that are on their side more than ever,” Alvarado says in a release. “We’ve proven that banking can be free, helpful, and easy to use, and hope this will inspire more people to learn about Chime’s mission and make the switch from fee-driven banks.”

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