Adobe Adds New Data Features To Its Experience Platform

Adobe has added new features to its Adobe Experience Platform, claiming that these will allow brands to use their data assets faster than they could before.  

The new tools are designed to help companies “lead with a data-driven operating model,” while integrating all capabilities in one platform, writes Ronell Hugh in a write-up posted Wednesday on the Adobe blog. 

The new tools include Edge Network and Web/Mobile SDK. These facilitate a single implementation that works across products.  

Also being offered is Platform Launch Server Side, a product that helps companies modernize their data collection and platform. 

Adobe introduced its Experience Platform last year to help brands “to stitch together their data across the enterprise, enabling enterprises to deliver impactful digital experiences in real time,” Hugh writes. 

Up to now, brands have been hampered by “a multitude of technologies across business lines,” Hugh adds.  

“Each separate product has their own legacy data collection SDKs, their own domains and their own edge servers and services—creating a cumbersome and complex data maze that CIOs struggle to find a clear path in,” Hugh continues.


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