DatabaseUSA Offers List Of SMBs That Have Failed During COVID-19

DatabaseUSA, a provider of database and email marketing services, is offering lists of startups and failed businesses that have come to light during the COVID-19 crisis.  

The files include: 

  • Business Failures & Temporary Closures — These number up to 300,000 per week.  
  • PPP Loan Data — The company is offering what it calls “Data signals” from the 4.3 million small businesses that received PPP loans 
  • Executives @ Home — This includes email address, home address, phone and cell numbers.
  • New Businesses —  Over 50,000 new businesses starting up every week.
  • New Businesses — Over 50,000 new businesses starting up every week.

The company states that up to 4 million small businesses may not survive the pandemic period.  

 “In addition, while looking at recent trends, nearly 75% of the 575,000 retail establishments were temporarily closed for some period between March and May of this year,” states Mark Richard, president of’s data research division. 

There is one irony: DatabaseUSA is itself in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, although this preceded COVID-19. 





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