Edison Mail Unveils New Email Inbox Control Tool For Consumers

Edison Software has taken another step toward helping consumers keep unwanted email out of their inboxes. 

Marketers will have to deal with it with it the best they can — with superior deliverability and brand engagement. 

Edison’s new product, OnMail, allows users to choose who can enter their inbox while letting them decide how their mailbox is structured, the company claims. 

In addition, OnMail includes anti-tracking technology that prevents what the firm calls invasive ad targeting.

The new product also has a feature called Accept Sender, a permission control tool that enables the user to block unwanted senders before they enter the inbox, the company says.

In addition, the OnMail package comes with a “free” custom domain that allows the person to choose an email address that reflects their identity, it says.. 

Also, OnMail comes with a split inbox that allows the consumer to create several customizable inboxes and inbox search tools.

The service is available in three payment plans: free, paid monthly and paid annual. 




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