Back-To-School Ecommerce Jumped This Year: Study

Ecommerce transactions rose by 24% in August, compared to the same month in 2019, according to a study by ACI Worldwide.

The increases was largely driven by back-to-school sales, which rose by 56% from January through August, versus the same period last year.  

In addition, purchases of course materials rose by 75%.

These hikes are taking place as “students and families face the new normal this fall,” states Debbie Guerra, executive vice president, ACI Worldwide. Guerra adds that “clothing merchants have seen an increase in school and college wear purchases for those planning to attend school in-person.” 

Meanwhile, overall purchase volume bounded by 11% in the U.S., largely driven by clothing, stationery, electronics and other back-to-school items. 

In EMEA, volume rose by 13%, also caused by back-to-school an DIY products. 

However, the average purchase price overall fell by 26%. And this was accompanied by an 80% decrease in the ticketing sector and a 13% decline in travel. 

ACI also reports that the transactional value of fraud attempts increased 0.4% in August. The latter was driven by purchases of electronics, with fraudsters choosing buy online, pick-up in-store as the channel of choice.

Moreover, non-fraud chargebacks saw a 17% boost in August, compared to August 2019.





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