New Streaming Services Will Emerge - But Not In Traditional Forms

Premium video platforms are still in their nascent phase. So where will new services come from?

In particular, what about the recent speculation around CNBC concerning one high-flying company: Is Peloton a bike, a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) or... a Netflix company? Peloton has seen its stock growing 32% over the past month -- with the company now near $1.8 billion in revenue and now profitable.

Some would say much of this growth has been fostered by COVID-19 pandemic disruption, prompting much in-home activity. But Peloton was ramping up before the pandemic.

When the pandemic led to a struggling economy, another question arose: How can people afford a $2,000 bike and another $20 or so a month for a video-connected subscription?

Even then, what about scale? Right now, Peloton has just over 1.1 million monthly subscribers. But way of comparison, Netflix has 73 million, while Disney+ also has 54.5 million.



So is Peloton a streaming service? Many might expand this notion to new kinds of premium video platforms — such as Zoom (for personal and business video conferences) and Teledoc (for connection to medical professionals).

In that regard, if all these companies — Peloton, Zoom, or Teledoc —  have deep and extensive niche, engagement “networks,” who is to say they can’t expand into other areas.?

Some believe the next generation of premium video platforms could be a hybrid model —  bridging the virtual world and the real world of direct contact with people, who may still be six feet apart for some time.

Yes — real health clubs, office meeting rooms, and doctors' offices will still be very much part of our future. For many, there is only so much a video screen can do for our all our needs when it comes to entertainment, health, exercise, information or otherwise.

If you are wondering who the next Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, Peacock, or Amazon Prime Video platform will be, you may need to expand your definition.

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