Today, I'm Brave Launches 'Empathy Masks' Project

Newly installed CEO Lindsay Stein is already making her mark on Today, I’m Brave (TIB), the non-profit founded by David&Goliath’s David Angelo, with a new multi-city mask distribution project and supporting campaign.

In order to help support children and the homeless, two groups disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, TIB is releasing “Empathy Masks” designed with the words “i care about you.” 

A two-pack for $14 can be purchased at TIB’s website. Each purchased mask is part of the buy one, gift one program in which the buyer can select one of the four U.S. nonprofit partners of his or her choice. These shelters include: Hollywood Food Coalition, Atlanta Children’s Shelter, Ruth Ellis Center in Detroit and the Lotus House in Miami.

To raise awareness for this product launch, TIB is partnering with organizations in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, Detroit and Mexicali as well as celebrities and social influencers in each of the communities to deliver the Empathy Masks. 



Participants are also amplifying the “Share One, Wear One and Show the World You Care” messaging through their respective social channels.

“When an action comes from a place of empathy, people feel it,” says Stein. “Imagine the difference we can make if collectively we choose to wear a mask with the sole intention of caring for our loved ones, our community, along with ourselves. The groundswell for a movement like that would be palpable and the ripple effect far-reaching. Let's make the reason we wear masks bigger than ourselves; let’s make it come from empathy.”

The #icareaboutyou campaign will continue to roll-out throughout the year delivering the branded masks to schools, colleges and shelters in other underserved communities throughout the U.S.



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