Bloomberg Creates 'Wealth' Vertical On Personal Finances

Bloomberg will launch a new vertical Oct. 1 dedicated to “help readers and viewers make smarter decisions about their personal finances.” It is titled Bloomberg Wealth.

The current Bloomberg Wealth vertical has organized content on the site around six main topics: Wealth Management, Pay, Billionaires, Art, Risk and Taxes & Policy. Subcategories include Investing, Pursuits, Reinvention, Cybersecurity, Business, Deals, Finance and Technology. Articles range from “Six things you’re doing wrong when buying stocks on your own” to “Where to invest $1 million right now.”

The new vertical will replace the existing Wealth hub on the site. Content will include news and features on stock trading, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, real estate, careers and education.
It will feature six main topics: Investing, Savings & Retirement, Taxes, Living (where to live, renting vs. buying, collectibles, cost of family, divorce), Reinvention (education, careers, networking, starting a business) and Opinion and Advice.
The new content vertical will also include a weekly newsletter.



Just this year, Bloomberg launched verticals dedicated to the business and future of entertainment (Screentime) , climate change (Bloomberg Green) and cities (Bloomberg CityLab).

These verticals joined Prognosis (health care) and Hyperdrive (auto).

This article has been updated.

An earlier version indicated the Bloomberg Wealth had already launched. In fact, the new vertical launches Oct. 1, replaced the existing Wealth with a focus on personal finance.


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