Porsche Owners Socialize Safely Via Rally

ThCOVID-19 pandemic has thrown cold water on a plethora of events this summer, including meetups of automotive enthusiasts.

BMW Group’s Mini Takes the States was cancelled, as was Detroit’s Woodward Dream Cruise. 

Porsche owners got a little taste of normal recently with a pandemic-safe rally and drive-in movie experience created by Minneapolis-based Solve.

Members of the automaker’s Nord Stern enthusiast club in Wisconsin gathered at the Stardust Drive-In this past weekend for the Red Carpet Rally, a red carpet-style event  where a Porsche badge on the hood of the car was the only ticket needed to gain entry. 

After enjoying a scenic drive, Porsche owners entered the theater grounds on a red carpet where they experienced a Hollywood-style step-and-repeat photo opportunity. 



The evening’s film was the classic “Le Mans” starring Steve McQueen, regarded by Porsche lovers as one of the greatest movies to showcase the brand during the famed 24 Hours of Le Mans auto race. 

“When thinking about how we could get Porsche enthusiasts together in a safe way, we knew it had to be a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience that lives up to the high standards of the Porsche brand,” says Joe Stefanson, Solve associate creative director, in a release. “The Red Carpet Rally had it all: a gorgeous drive, an exclusive event, and, most importantly, Porsche drivers sharing their collective passion.”

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