Report: Social Media Use Soars for Moms

Although all Americans are more plugged in due to COVID-19, women with school-aged children have increased their social media time more than any other consumer group, according to new research from BSM Media. 

More than eight in 10 of these moms (85%) claim their social media usage has doubled since March 2020 and 52% admit increasing their social media use by 4-8 hours a week. (This increase is outside additional time required by their employer or running a business.)

One of the biggest factors affecting the change in mom’s digital engagement is the added responsibility of her children’s education.  According to the research, 80% of mothers have stepped in to homeschool or educate their children in the last eight months and attribute 65% of their incremental time online to searching for educational materials for the family.  More than 75% of respondents say they have turned to brand-run websites for educational resources and products.



“There’s a silver lining for brands in mom’s new need for social media: The more time mom is online, the greater the opportunity for brands to develop a relationship with her,” explains Maria Bailey, CEO of BSM Media.  “Connecting with her while she’s seeking solutions for her families is the best time to position your brand as solution-focused.”

Moms are doing more than refreshing skills for third-grade math, quips Bailey. Two in three (66%) are using social media to stay connected with family and friends while another 55% are searching for inspiring new ideas and activities for herself and her family.  Instagram is gaining the majority of the extra time online while 66% of respondents have visited TikTok for the first time.

Online shopping is also driving mom’s incremental time on social media. More than three in four (79%) are using Instagram and Facebook to discover new products and major online retailers (, and to make their purchases.  Almost three in 10 (28%) are shopping more on Instagram while 25% said that Pinterest is earning more of her spending power over Facebook (16%).

“Pinterest is one of the most underutilized social media platforms when it comes to brands and moms,” says Bailey. “It always amazes me how few companies include Pinterest in their influencer or social media marketing campaigns. Pinterest is the best place to introduce a product early on in her buying journey.”

As the holiday buying season approaches, Bailey anticipates that the time moms spend online and on social media will continue to increase.  Eighty-five percent of moms say will be doing 90% of their shopping online, according to the same survey.

The survey queried 314 US moms in early September.

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