Levitate, Redtail Technology Partner On Tools For Financial Advisors

Marketing platform Levitate is partnering with CRM provider Retail Technology to offer email and other marketing services to financial advisors. 

The arrangement allows advisors to streamline “their personalized email marketing process,” states Brian McLaughlin, CEO of Redtail Technology.

It also helps users keep in touch with hundreds of customers and prospects in a personal way, adds Jesse Lipson, CEO of Levitate. 

The two-way integration renders notes and emails sent to Levitate visible in Redtail. In turn, changes to Redtail contact profiles are synced back to Levitate. 

The combined CRM and personalized marketing tool also helps advisors nurture client relationships. Users can pull in contact information, birthdays and other personal information from Redtail, the company says.

These capabilities can help users avoid batch-and-blast emails. 

"Relationships have always formed the foundation of any financial advisor's success,” Lipson says. “Now, they're more important than ever.”

Founded in 2017, Levitate specializes in scaling personal email and driving revenue for small businesses in the financial, real estate and legal sectors.

Redtail, founded in 2003, provides web-based CRM, compliant text-messaging services, paperless office, and email archiving tools. 

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