CallRail Launches Lead Management, Communications Hub For SMBs

CallRail has debuted a new service for helping SMBs to prioritize and manage leads. 

The new product, Lead Center, is a communications hub that allows brands to keep track of leads without jumping between multiple communication issues, the company says. 

The hub provides “a single inbox for all customer interactions,” claims Jason Tatum, lead product manager at CallRail. 

With Lead Center, SMBs can manage calls, texts and online forms from a computer or smartphone, and they can integrate with call tracking and analytics. 

In addition, Lead Center Achieve lead management maintains a contact database with caller ID details, call recordings, notes, lead classifications and monetary value of leads. 

Top Job Asphalt chose Lead Center “because of its ability to handle inbound and outbound interactions on one platform,” says Skyler Andreasen, customer relationship manager at Top Job Asphalt.

The brand has since achieved “a holistic view of the customer’s journey,” Andreasen says.






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