Jornaya Upgrades Its Behavioral Data Tool

Behavioral data firm Jornaya has updated its Activate tool and is now offering it under the name Activate 3.0 in a move to help marketers determine shopping patterns.

The firm made the announcement during its Journey Summit event.

Jornaya contends that demographics, personas and predictive-intent models are not enough to drive ROI. In addition, they need “in-market behavioral data,” states Rich Smith, chief marketing officer at Jornaya.  

According to the company, Active 3.0 users can upload and encrypt customer and/or prospect lists. They can also select shopping journeys, choose behavioral data points and achieve automated integrations, the company says. 

In addition, they can determine who is actively shopping, the time of day and the frequency of shopping.  

Marketers must be thoughtful when choosing who they market to and how they drive the outreach," states Ross Shanken, Jornaya founder and CEO.



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