How Much Do Amazon, Facebook, Google Employees Donate Annually To Charity?

Silicon Valley employees at tech companies like Google and Facebook are known for making extravagant salaries with impressive compensation packages. Some can make more than $1 million annually with bonuses and perks.

With all the options flowing in, how much do they actually give back?

An Intuit user on Blind, the largest anonymous professional network, ran a poll asking “How much money do you donate per year?”

The poll dew 2,313 responses with 386 professionals commenting on how they view charity and where they donate their money.

Overall, 32% of professionals across all industries and companies donate between $1 and $500 annually. Some 16% donate between $1,000 and $5,000 annually, and 26% said they do not make donations.

Among the FAANG companies (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google/Alphabet), Netflix employees are the most charitable, with 78% of its workforce donating some amount of money.

Amazon employees are the least charitable, with 65% of their workforce donating some amount of money.



One Amazon user responded to the poll, sharing, “My goal for 2021 is to give away $100k.” An engineer at Microsoft wrote, “10% of my TC, but only to help animals.”

Overall, the data shows tech professionals are more generous than finance professionals, with 18% of NVIDIA employees donating more than $10,000 to charity annually.

Some 38% of those working at Snap said they do not donate their dollars to charity. Nor do 33% of Goldman Sachs professionals.

A user at Apple responded to the poll, sharing: “I pay $1k/month (at least) directly to people in need who my family or I know personally. I also lend money with 0[%] interest to people in need (so far about $55k).”

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