Global CTV Ad Impressions Up 76% In 2020's Second Half

Global digital video advertising impressions rose 42% year-over-year during 2020’s second half, according to the latest data from the Innovid iQ dashboard.

The shift from linear to connected TV continued, with CTV impressions up 76% during the period, Innovid reports.
The telecom category lead the growth in CTV impressions—up  148% YoY — followed by CPG (+117%) and pharmaceuticals (+109%).

Impressions delivered on TV sets rose 80% YoY, those delivered on mobile devices rose 34%, and those delivered on PCs rose 14%.
Impressions delivered by digital publishers increased 104% YoY. The increases for social media, programmatic and broadcast were 62%, 43% and 28%, respectively.

Innovid does not release the actual numbers of impressions counted.



The omnichannel advertising and analytics platform built for television does a monthly analysis of video advertising impressions from global campaigns across mobile, desktop, connected TVs, streaming devices and social platforms. The company says that the impressions on its platform represent about a third of all video investment in the U.S.

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