Consumers Now Say Online Platforms Are Essential: Study

Consumers now feel that online platforms are essential services despite the fact that they don’t believe businesses always act in their best interest, according to Vision 2021: 10 Trends That Will Shape The Future of Commerce, a study by Vertex and Future Commerce in partnership with Method + Mode.

Of those polled, 57% think Facebook, Amazon and Google are essential. 

At the same time, 26% have upgraded their at-home technology to accommodate increased onscreen time. 

Email creative teams, take note: Minimalism is out, and is now being replaced by minimalism as consumers shelter in their homes, according to Vision 2021: 16 Trends That Will Shape The Future of Commerce, a study by Vertex.

People want to load up on familiar things, both online and in the physical world. For instance, 52% say being with their own “stuff” makes them happy. And 60% feel that surrounding themselves with things makes them feel safe and in control.

This would include textbooks, home libraries and “tchotchke-laden Zoom backgrounds.”

That desire for the familiar leads almost 65% to prefer interacting with people in their homes. The remainder would rather do so in someone else’s home. 

Meanwhile, 50% are more aware of their appearance a result of having to appear on Zoom. And 38% are more critical of their own appearance and that of other people. 

In another finding, only 37% believe non-profit organizations should step in where government fails.  And, 47% feel the Internet should be free and unrelated. 

Method + Mode surveyed 1,093 consumers in January 2021. 


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