British Magazine 'Woman & Home' Debuts Digital Soft Launch In U.S.

Women & Home, a English magazine started in 1926, is in soft-launch mode in the U.S. with an exclusively digital presence.  

Since late last summer, the title has offered a U.S. website and is planning to move into email newsletters and events, probably virtual for now, says Mike Peralta, CRO of publisher Future PLC. It now has 1 million unique visitors per month in the U.S., achieved largely through search engine optimization.  

Women’s Lifestyle is the brand category at Future that includes Woman & Home and nine other titles.

The publication is aimed at women in the 45-60 year-old age range — “decision makers at home,” Peralta says. In the U.S., this audience has been largely concentrated in suburban areas in Texas, California, New York and Florida. 



However, younger readers might be drawn to Future’s tech and gaming magazines, Peralta notes.  

Both the U.S. and UK sites now feature an article titled “The brand used to prep First Lady Jill Biden’s skin for her first White House interview,” but it is more prominent on the U.S. home page. They also provide stories on other health and beauty topics. And both offer UK print subscriptions.  

The content is designed to drive ecommerce, and in many cases, to advise readers just before they purchase. For instance, an article on fitness watches might give tips on how to make sure it fits around my wrist,” Peralta says.  

Women & Home’s has monthly print circulation of 248,000 in Great Britain. “Habits are a little bit different in the UK,” Peralta explains.” Half of the business is still print.” 

However, Future has been adding technology for the past several years, and Women & Home now draws 1.2 million uniques per month in the UK, in addition to its print circulation. 

All the top editors are women: Catherine Westwood is the editor in chief of the overall brand. Kelly Bowerbank is the digital editor and  Miranda McMinn is the editor of the UK print magazine. Tne exception: Mark Winterton is managing director of the Women’s Lifestyle category.

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