Narrative And Specialists Partner On Location Data Access

Data streaming platform Narrative has teamed up with Specialists Marketing Services Inc. (SMS) to provide Narrative users with access to the SMS location database. 

The goal of the new arrangement is to make it easier to use and activate location data to “feed customer research and engagement, develop insights that improve decision-making, and contribute to delivering real business results,” states Nick Jordan, founder and CEO of Narrative.

Powered by Great Data Lake, the SMS location data set can also help users mapping signals in transportation analytics, city planning, survey and mapping activities, mobility, identity, mobile/app analytics, and ad-tech targeting and measurement, the company says.  

In addition, the data provides another layer in “new and existing mobile partners in ad-tech,” states Lon Mandel, CEO of SMS.

SMS provides customer acquisition services to brands, agencies, and Fortune 500 companies, in channels ranging from email to direct mail. 





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