NetHunt Debuts B2B CRM Workflows

NetHunt CRM say brands can now close deals by utilizing automated workflows directly out of their Gmail inbox.

The firm’s new service, Workflows, utilizes rule-based logic to automate manual work. 

It automates data entry and other tasks manually performed by salespeople, improving efficiency and sales results, NetHunt says.  

NetHunt's latest feature release includes webforms for capturing data, including emails, names, landing pages and referrers. 

Also featured are Drip campaigns for lead nurturing, sales pipeline automation and linking of email conversations and chat messages to client profiles.

“The concept of automation is tied to complex solutions and long-winded set-up processes,” states NetHunt CEO Andrei Petrik.

Petrik adds that NetHunt’s goal is to “break down this misconception and put out a bitesize, user-friendly feature.” 




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