YouTube Releases List Of 2020 U.S. Bumper Ads Leaderboard -- Top 6-Second Ads

YouTube revealed its 2020 U.S. Bumper Ads Leaderboard Monday, featuring the top six-second ads on its platform during the past year.

Most of the brands on this list are from the food and beverage industry and consumer packaged goods, reflecting how effective these six-second ads are for these types of products.

The top two best 2020 bumper ads revolved around the COVID-19 pandemic, with Ford’s Built for America ad that celebrates first responders who often rely on the Ford Super Duty trucks and ambulances during emergency situations, and Dove’s message that addressed one of the most important topics of the year — hand washing.

YouTube thinks it's possible to tell a compelling story in six seconds. It would probably make sense for Ford to present a six-second ad on the events in Texas that occurred earlier this month. One of the more interesting stories around Ford trucks surfaced during last week’s weather tragedy in Texas, where some pickup truck owners rode out the winter freeze and power outages with help from the truck’s built-in generators in their vehicles.

YouTube’s Leaderboard six-second ads were initially ranked by an algorithm that factors in metrics including total impressions and views and then ranked by a user creative ratings survey conducted by Ipsos. The survey considered an average of four parameters: Likeability, memorability, emotions and brand linkage.

Mountain Dew came in at No. 4, followed by Pampers, Ghirardelli Chocolate, The General Insurance, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Sketchers, and Domino’s.

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