's Branding Evolution is getting a branding makeover with help from agency partner Collins.

The pivot is designed to position the 25-year-old dating platform as the “grown up in the room,” says Nick Ace, partner/creative director, Collins.

“Evolution is not about discarding the old you. Evolving Match has been about taking the most powerful, meaningful qualities of their brand and delivering them in a new way, to expand the story, the language and the capabilities to be of better service to people who are confident and eager to live in more intentional ways.”

Collins worked with the company’s executive, product, design, and marketing teams to create this new “inclusive” brand strategy. The work included new product and design interfaces, and new language to help deliver that strategy, explains Ace.



The process intentionally pivoted away from “the world of faceless tech brands,” says Ace. “We were inspired by the notion of hospitality, where every need is anticipated and thoughtfully attended to.”

Where other apps forcibly push you to “engage” and maximize your limits — to then pay for more maximum engagement — Ace says Match’s redesign is striving for the “effortlessness” of being served by a concierge --"almost invisible but deeply appreciated.”

The new logo is the most notable change, dropping the heart imagery from the top of the name to the bottom in order to serve as a period.

The makeover also streamlined the palette and color to move from bright colors to warmer, more inviting hues.

The idea was derived by “real environments in the world where people might meet, from a dimly lit restaurant to a stroll around the park at dusk,” says Ace.

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