Interest In Website 'Design,' 'Builders' Surges

Since the beginning of the year, intent data has shown that brands and agencies share a common interest in “website builders” and “website design.”

With digital brand engagement taking off at unprecedented speed and scale, it’s understandable that marketers are investigating how to optimize their web experience to match customers’ rising expectations. 

Whether or not they are aware of it, consumers have come to rely on frictionless digital connectivity and interconnected experiences extending far beyond websites.

If you consider all the factors that figure into a high-functioning site experience — such as UX (user experience), technical performance, content, SEO, and design — you soon realize there are countless ways to improve your online presence, starting with bringing more organic traffic to your website. 



Remember, this isn’t a one-and-done project. As more companies double down on their digital footprints, using a test-and-learn approach can help maximize your technological investments, and find new ways to optimize what you already have. 

“Audience data” surged last week, as measured by Bombora Company Surge, around the same time that Google confirmed it would not be replacing third-party cookies with any new consumer identifiers.

Informed by a combination of first-, second- and third-party sets, it aggregates information about your target audience’s online behavior and helps you build a rich customer profile so you know exactly when to show up with the right messages. The full effect of Google’s initiative remains to be seen.

In the interim, brands need to seriously consider how they can take advantage of an integrated data asset, such as a CDP, upon which they can build their CX strategies. 

“Streaming media” remains a growing area of interest among brands and agencies, as evidenced by last week’s rankings.

More individuals than ever before are spending copious amounts of time binge-watching streaming video content. Even before the pandemic triggered a rise in screen time among individuals, many had predicted 2020 as the year streaming services would overtake linear TV.

For advertisers, streaming media can be effective for ad-supported services, despite offering less inventory than traditional TV.

Advertising on streaming platforms offers enhanced targeting, and enables you to get granular in your media placements — which can increase conversions. 

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