New Tool Can Help Emailers Fix Broken Links, Company Says

Marketers whose emails suffer from broken links may find relief in a new tool from Campaign Monitor, an email marketing software provider.

The solution, called Link Review, has checked over 1 million links since its recent release. And alarmingly, it has detected over 4,000 broken links per day, or 27% of all identified links.   

Over a year, this could add up to 6 million broken links for Campaign Monitor clients.

Email now brings in an average click-through rate of 2.6% -- and this means millions of clicks could be lost due to error, resulting in serious revenue losses, the company says.

LinkReview helps by being a “resource-saving tool with immediate impact,” claims Desta Price, chief product officer at CM Group. 

Use cases provided by the firm illustrate why broken links must be fixed. 

“As a publisher, we send a high volume of emails on behalf of both our brand and our advertisers, and the Link Review tool has really allowed us to cut down on the effort required to manually check that all of our campaign links are correct,” states Alex Dalland, digital producer at Universal Media Co. 



Dalland adds that incorrect links that go unnoticed ccould potentially cost the company "thousands of dollars in lost e-commerce revenue or hundreds of site visitors.”

Similarly, LinkReview has helped parkrun catch outdated link in its weekly email newsletter. 

“The Link Review tool makes it simple to see where buttons haven’t had links updated from the previous week or don’t have links at all,” states Arabella Gilby, digital communications coordinator at parkrun.

Campaign Monitor is a CM Group brand. 



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