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Haters, Take Note: Kraft Offers 4-Step Program To Overcome 'Mayophobia'


If you have an “irrational fear” of mayonnaise, you’re not alone.

Kraft Heinz calls it “mayophobia” and is prescribing a four-month, four-step treatment program to help mayo haters overcome it.

It’s explained in this long-form spot by Weiden+Kennedy New York in which a man Kraft characterizes as a mayo expert asks, “Do you have an irrational fear of mayo?”

He goes on to cite the statistic that “over 20% of Americans suffer from mayophobia.”

The campaign concept is rooted in quantitative and qualitative research, according to Danielle Coopersmith, Kraft Heinz brand manager for sandwich enhancers.

"Popular Science published a report showing that 20% of people are averse to condiments with the consistency of mayo,” Coopersmith tells Marketing Daily.



On the qualitative side, social media platforms are awash with anti-mayonnaise sentiment.

“I think what’s even crazier to me is you go on social media and type in the word mayonnaise, the level of passion for or against the condiment is astounding,” Coopersmith notes. “People are constantly posting every single day about their hatred for the condiment.”

Kraft’s “Overcoming Mayophobia Kit” is a step-by-step guide—accompanied by mayo and implements to help haters overcome sight, smell and visual hallmarks of the condiment.

Step #1 consists of a two-ounce packet of Kraft mayo and a blindfold “to help you get used to the taste without having to look at the mayo.”

A month later, step #2 involves a 12-ounce squeeze bottle of mayo and a nose plug in the form of a clothespin to block any potentially odious odor.

Three months into the program, participants receive a 30-ounce jar of mayo and a felt-tipped marker to cross out the word “mayo” and replace it with something more palatable.

“One funny thing that we discovered through our research is many people actually love sauces that have mayo in them, but hate mayonnaise,” says Coopersmith.

Step #4 consists solely of a one-gallon container of Kraft mayo.

The kits are available until April 8 to the first 100 people who create a Tweet or post on Instagram, tag it @RealKraftMayo and include #Mayophobia and #Sweepstakes.

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