These Movie Posters Are NOT Coming To A Theater Near You

In an effort to simplify the often complex world of insurance marketing, pure-play digital brand Next Insurance has turned to movie posters. While the ads won't actually be placed at theaters, they will be placed in social media to generate awareness for Next, which specializing in insuring small businesses.

Specifically, the campaign features six "coming soon"-type poster ads each focusing on one inscrutable insurance term that every small business operator should understand:

  • Prior Acts, an action revenge thriller following Sheriff Ian Surance on his mission to make up for the mistakes of small businesses past. 
  • Named Perils, the next big spy movie features a hero that knows what risks to look out for… just not when they’re coming. 
  • Errors and Omissions, an upcoming buddy comedy where a swift-handed martial arts duo must step in to save a local gym business. 
  • Workers’ Comp, a slapstick comedy about a bumbling worker who narrowly avoids mishap after mishap thanks to his friends and coworkers. 
  • Qualifying Event, a romance flick where things start to heat up within competing bakeries - both in and out of the kitchen. 
  • The Underwriter, a superhero blockbuster spotlights a hero who continues to rise in a world where risk lurks around every corner. 



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