HBO Max To Launch In Latin America, Caribbean In June, With Mobile Option Included

As the first step in its global rollout, HBO Max has announced a June 29 launch date for its debut in 39 Latin American territories and the Caribbean.

The service will be offered with a mobile option, as well as an OTT plan.

The plans start at $3 per month. Specific prices by plan and country are listed on

The standard plan includes access to three simultaneous users, five personalized profiles, content downloads and some titles in 4K. The mobile plan has a single standard definition stream with optimized image quality, on supported smartphones and tablets,

HBO Max will also offer subscriptions for recurring periods of three or 12 months, at discounts of up to 30%.

Offers include a 7-day free-trial period and an option to sample a limited selection of TV episodes at no cost.



Partners for these regions include AT&T Mexico, DirecTV Latin America, Sky Brasil, DirecTV GO and Grupo América Móvil, which will offer HBO Max to its subscribers.

Current HBO linear subscribers through distributors such as Claro Video (Mexico), Claro (Brazil), Claro (Latam), Oi (Brazil), Tim (Brazil), TotalPlay (Mexico), VIVO (Brazil) and VTR (Chile), will be given access to HBO Max at no additional cost.

The service will include access to Warner Bros. movies, at no additional cost, 35 days after their release in theaters in Latin America. UEFA Champions League matches live-streamed in Brazil and Mexico.

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