Uberall Raises $115M, Acquires MomentFeed To Expand Location Services

Location-based services like the type around "near me" searches have become the foundation for many global digital campaigns and the companies that run them.

Search engines support the data through retail sites, travel destinations, navigation and maps, and weather apps, but a focus on real-time location services requires strategically providing the correct information on thousands of listings in markets worldwide.

Supporting its growth, Uberall received a capital investment of $115 million led by Bregal Milestone, Level Equity, United Internet and Uberall management. The company will use the funding, which it announced Tuesday, to accelerate growth in the U.S. and Canada.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Uberall team for this next phase of growth,” stated Cyrus Shey, managing partner of Bregal Milestone. "Our strategic investment will significantly accelerate Uberall’s ambition to become the leading 'Near Me' Customer Experience platform worldwide."



The company also used this time to announce the acquisition of MomentFeed, a provider of Proximity Search Optimization in North America. The two combined companies will manage the online presence of 1.35 million business locations, more than any other current competitor, according to the companies. 

MomentFeed CEO Nick Hedges believes the merger makes "strategic sense" for customers, and will help to accelerate the company’s "rapid pace of innovation, giving customers an even greater edge in the hyper-competitive world of 'Near Me' Marketing."

MomentFeed and Uberall support many of the brands that use multi-location marketing such BP, KFC, Marks and Spencer, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut. 

The combined companies have worked together for years. Both have a similar vision and products. Uberall contributes its listings and reputation management products, as well as features such as Google local ads. MomentFeed adds local social capabilities, customer sentiment analysis and enterprise-grade service offering. 

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