6sense Provides Bombora's B2B Intent Data To Clients

Account engagement platform 6sense will provide Bombora’s Company Surge intent data to clients as part of their subscription, the company announced on Thursday. 

This will allow those customers to create dynamic segments for their account-based marketing, while refining their predictive models within 6sense, the company says.  

The move reflects an expansion of the existing arrangement between the two firms.  

6sense is now “our exclusive partner for activating an embedded offering of Bombora Company Surge data into a predictive model,” states Erik Matlick, founder and CEO of Bombora.

One client that has tried the combination is Kazoo. 

"We leverage both 6sense and Bombora intent data in our predictive buying stage model within 6sense, and overlay additional filter criteria like intent topics and keywords to understand which accounts to engage and what they're most interested in," states Casey Carey, CMO at Kazoo.  



Carey adds that with the combined solution the company has "increased the number of in-market accounts identified by 15%, seen a 20% increase in accounts converting from the predicted Purchase stage to pipeline opportunity, and increased our lead-to-win rate by 14%, which is game-changing."

6sense has had a busy year. Earlier this year, it formed a technology partnership with Folloze, allowing it to deliver contextual buying journeys at scale based on intent, industry and use case.  

In March, the firm raised $125 million in Series D funding, resulting in a $2.1 billion valuation.  

Bombora has a B2B publishing co-operative and works with hundreds of business and analyst sites that share consumption and behavioral data. The firm’s Company Surge Analytics tool helps marketing and sales teams  learn which businesses are researching the products or services that they and their competitors sell, the company says.  







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