Study: Almost All Consumers Track Packages, And Many Find It Addictive

Retailers wondering just how often they need to send delivery updates for online purchases should note these statistics from 4over: 96% of shoppers track deliveries, 40% daily, 37% a few times before it is delivered, 17% several times a day and 3% rarely if ever. 

Moreover, 57% say tracking is very important, and 40% it is somewhat so. 

Of the consumers polled, 87% have had a packaged delivered late. And 53% experience nervous impatience while waiting, 28% do some of the time and 19% never.

Here are their shipping preferences:

  • Same day—7%
  • Next day—24%
  • Two-three days—45%
  • Three-five days—14%
  • Within a week—8%
  • Seven-10 days—2%



How long are they willing to wait for a delivery? They say:

  • One week—32%
  • Two weeks—28%
  • Up to 6 days—14%
  • Three weeks—10%
  • One month—10% 
  • Two months or more—6% 

Also, 63% look out the window when they’re expecting a delivery, and 29% would not order an item if they couldn’t track it. And, 38% have argued with Amazon about a delayed delivery.  

In addition, 79% feel a sense of ownership before an item is delivered, and 65% say tracking can be addictive.  

Rural states with smaller populations tend to experience the most delays: 

  1. Vermont
  2. Delaware
  3. Rhode Island 
  4. Alaska
  5. New Hampshire 

4over surveyed 2,000 self-reporting online consumers. 

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