SparkPost's Inbox Tracker Now Offered On Salesforce AppExchange

SparkPost has made its Inbox Tracker, a tool that provides email deliverability analytics, available on Salesforce AppExchange. 

The goal is to help brands “manage and continuously monitor getting into the inbox and take action when needed, a requirement in today's ever-changing environment,” states Hal Muchnick, Chief Commercial Officer at SparkPost.  

Developed in 2017, Inbox Tracker provides metrics for inbox placement; deliverability by ISP, domain and campaign; authentication performance; complaint, blacklist, and spam trap monitoring, the company says.

Inbox Tracker also tracks email analytics throughout the customer journey.

Inbox Tracker’s deliverability metrics can now be accessed from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud dashboard. The data will be featured within Journey Builder, Salesforce’s multi-touchpoint customer journey orchestration product. 



"To know that nearly 20% of permission-based emails never land in consumer inboxes--because they're filtered as spam--is a growing problem for email marketers," Muchnick says.

He adds, "They spend a lot of resources curating content and their lists and a 1 in 5 chance of it never getting the consumer's attention results in a lot of missed opportunity and revenue. And with Apple's recent announcement on blocking email open tracking, senders are facing even more challenges, heightening the importance of deliverability metrics."

Muchnick continues that Inbox Tracker, a tool used by firms such as Zillow and Twitter, is "designed to tackle these areas."


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