If You're A 'Bleephole' Stay Away From Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Lakes in California, which has been struggling in its efforts to persuade visitors to act responsibly and sustainably when visiting the area,  turned to Mering (now part of The Shipyard) to come up with a campaign to help turn the situation around. 

Many tourists were failing to properly extinguish campfires, and leaving campsites a mess, much to the delight of the region’s bears and other wildlife.  Piles of dog poop left on hiking trails in the area also became a problem. 

Mering’s solution is a to-the-point (if mildly self-censored) campaign anchored by an original new jingle titled “Don’t Be A Bleephole.” The full lyrics to the folksy-sounding tune can be heard here



The project includes a roadside billboard on the way to Mammoth Lakes with the message, “Are You A Bleephole? NoBleepholes.com” to drive people to a website with tips on being a non-bleephole tourist. 

QR code posters are being placed throughout prominent locations around town and at local lakes and trailheads to encourage people to scan and uncover tips about acting responsibly in the great outdoors. 

 “We always appreciated people escaping to our beautiful destination to enjoy all that nature has to offer,” said John Urdi, executive director, Mammoth Lakes Tourism.  “The Bleephole song accompanies our lighthearted efforts to educate our visitors with just a slightly more forward approach.  We hope this grabs attention and let’s everyone know that Mother Nature wants you to have fun, but also behave appropriately while doing so.” 



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