Why Marketers Are Going To The Video

Marketers on the brand and agency side are reading up on “YouTube,” “online video marketing” and “video optimization,” according to Bombora Company Surge.

Hubspot finds that 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video.

No longer just a nice-to-have, video consumption increased overwhelmingly during the pandemic, leading marketers to feel more positive about the return on investment offered by video marketing.

People are watching many more videos than ever before. This is particularly true for 25-34-year-olds – a key business decision-making cohort – who are doing a majority of the consuming online. Amid this increasing demand, marketers should not miss out on the opportunities that video content provides for them. 



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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, August 2, 2021 at 6:49 p.m.

    Color me speechless.

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