Google Search Guru Credited For Writing Original Code Retaliates Online Against Ex-Wife

Scott Hassan, credited with programming much of the original search engine for what eventually became Google, admits to creating a website containing defamatory information about his ex-wife, Allison Huynh.

The site now leads to a 404 redirect, suggesting that someone took it down. Hassan seeded it with links to positive articles written about his ex, but also links to court documents from three lawsuits that involve her, according to one report.

“Scott was trying to bully me into dropping my [fight for assets and accept] a pittance,” Huynh told The Post.

Hassan admitted to The Post that he did put up the site “in a moment of frustration, when I felt Allison and her attorney were telling one-sided stories to the press,” but took it down after realizing that aggregating publicly available information only made the dispute more public and tense.



The documents posted included pages related to a cross complaint to Huynh’s wrongful termination suit against her former employer Samuel Ockman and Penguin Computing such as allegations of raunchy and lewd conduct.

The documents, filed by Ockman and his attorney in response to Huynh’s 2000 suit, also claim she “threatened that if Ockman ever left her she would kill him and then herself” and “kept track of when Ockman was out with a new girlfriend,” according to reports.

The incident clearly shows how information on the web, as public or private as it may be, can be damaging.

It was reported that the couple’s estate in 2018 was valued at $1.8 billion. Hassan reportedly wanted to give her a “minuscule fraction,” Huynh’s attorney Pierce O’Donnell claimed in a statement to The Post.

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