Neustar Partners With Dynata To Offer First-Party Survey Data

Identity firm Neustar Inc. is partnering with Dynata to provide Neustar clients with a library of permission-based, first-party survey data. 

The arrangement will allow Neustar Second-Party Data Marketplace clients access to data covering habits, preferences and attitudes of over 62 million consumers worldwide, the company says. 

The goal is to pursue “people-based marketing that’s free of the risks of data deprecation and privacy regulation,” says Steve Silvers, senior vice president and GM of product at Neustar.

The Second-Party Data Marketplace utilizes Fabrick, Neustar’s data connectivity platform, to provide the following types of second-party data: 

- Neustar data on 120 million households and 250 million people in the U.S., including 15,000 demographic, psychographic, and behavioral attributes 

- Dynata consumer panel data on the habits, attitudes and preferences of over 62 million consumers worldwide 



- iSpot advertising exposure data across a panel of 16 million smart TV viewers.

- Scanbuy mobile shopping data on over 200 million US consumers. 

- Foursquare geo-location data covering over 105 million places and 14 billion user-confirmed visits. 

- Edelman Data & Intelligence is harnessing data from Neustar to amplify the performance of its brand services. 

The combination of a “bespoke” Dynata panel and Neustar’s Unified Identity tool allows Edelman to build “a machine learning (ML) algorithm to analyze audiences and trust levels for our brand clients,” says Karima Zmerli, global head of performance and predictive Intelligence at Edelman Data & Intelligence.


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