Boostr Unveils New Reporting Tool For Publishers To Automate Tasks

A new analytics tool is being offered to beleaguered publishers: CRM platform Boostr’s multi-dimensional reporting feature, or MDR.

The new solution “takes the burden of manually producing these reports off the media companies, allowing them to repurpose that saved time, effort and money into the actual value creating activities the reporting enables,” states Patrick O’Leary, co-founder-CEO of Boostr.

MDR automates the taking in of ad server delivery data, Boostr says. Once it is “ingested,” the data is mapped to line items in the platform. 

In addition, MDR can track revenue by line item, and break it out by inventory, geo-location, publisher partners, creatives and YouTube Channel, the company said.

Boostr said it found in a recent survey that 85% of publishers plan to streamline sales workflows this year. 

The same survey determined that 44% of publishers spend too much time manually entering data and processing, leading to inefficiencies. And 45% say the same about inventory and revenue data.



MDR can “get publishers away from simply managing spreadsheets so executives can focus on strategic planning,” said O’Leary. Because it automates non-ad-served digital campaign elements, publishers can quickly analyze business performance, margins and revenue attributions to determine where more investment is needed.” 


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