Ford Expands At-Home Pickup, Delivery

The pandemic has taught Ford Motor Co. a lesson in customer service.

In the early days, some Ford dealerships started offering pickup and delivery to allow customers to get their vehicles serviced while staying safe in the comfort of their home. Since March 2020, Ford has delivered around 100,000 pickup & delivery services nationwide.

Customers reportedly loved the experience and dealerships saw a rise in customer satisfaction scores as a result.

Building on that success, Ford is expanding the service for all FordPass Rewards members -- about 8.5 million nationwide -- who can now more conveniently schedule regular vehicle maintenance tasks like oil changes.

Ford is also strengthening the FordPass Rewards program, adding Blue, Silver and Bronze tiers to unlock more member benefits for its most loyal customers. Members in the top two tiers, Blue and Silver, will be eligible for annual complimentary pickup & delivery services,



The tier system sends the message that owning a Ford vehicle gets better over time, said Elena Ford, the company’s chief customer experience officer. 

“It’s our job to look after our customers, and being flexible, respecting their time and giving them peace of mind through services like pickup & delivery is one way we can do that,” Elena Ford says in a release.

Members also get access to exclusive partnership offers and discounts with Costco, TaskRabbit, Ford Performance Racing School and Pro Football Hall of Fame.  

Expanding pickup & delivery is part of the company’s aspiration to be the industry leader in remote services by the end of 2021. With more than 3,100 dealers in the U.S., Ford is the only full line auto brand to offer pickup & delivery at scale to millions of customers, according to the automaker

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