Gen Z Zig-Zags: It's The Only Cohort That Doesn't Prefer Email As A Channel

Email may be the most popular channel among Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers. But Gen Z consumers prefer social media, according to Generational Shifts In Marketing Preferences, a study by Data Axle. 

Of the Gen Zers polled, 63% like social media for brand communications. Of course, 56% also like email. 

In contrast, 58% of boomers are partial to email, as are 53% of Gen Xers and 64% of millennials. And only 47% of millennials like social media, along with 35% of Gen Xers and 20% of boomers. 

What do consumers like about it email? Overall, 59% sign up for email newsletters to receive sales, deals and offers. The study describes email as “a versatile channel.” 

Gen Z also has a contrarian view when it comes to influencer marketing — 29% want it, as opposed to 17% of millennials, 14% of Gen Xers and 3% of boomers. 

At 40%, boomers are most partial to TV ads, outranking Gen X (34%), millennials (27%) and Gen Z (27%). But text messaging is favored by only 12% of boomers, 16% of Gen X, 20% of millennials and 20% of Gen Z.



All generations desire personalization, including 88% of millennials, 87% of Gen Zers, 82% of Gen Xers and 77% of boomers. But their choices vary slightly by industry. 

With 58%, Gen Z is first in wanting personalization from entertainment marketers. Otherwise, food & beverage category is first, selected by 53.4% of millennials, 53.4% of Gen Xers and 49.7% of boomers. 

Gen Z also has the most positive view of brand reputation — 42% say it is important. And they share this view with 41% of boomers. But only 31% of millennials and 36% of Gen Xers agree.  Overall, 84% of consumers are engaged when they see an ad or communication from a brand they are loyal to. 

And Gen Z is also mostly likely to be swayed by getting exclusive offers and deals in real time. Here’s what attracts consumers in social media: 

I like hearing the brand’s point of view on  current and cultural events:

  • Boomer — 21.1%
  • Gen X — 19%
  • Millennial — 26.1%
  • Gen Z — 30.5%

The brand posts funny memes or is entertaining:

  • Boomer — 21%
  • Gen X—31.1%
  • Millennial — 37.6% 
  • Gen Z — 32%

I like getting exclusive offers and deals in real-time:

  • Boomer — 53.8%
  • Gen X — 58.5%
  • Millennial — 56.4% 
  • Gen Z — 69.5%

I enjoy the product and want to support the brand:

  • Boomer — 41.6%
  • Gen X — 41.5%
  • Millennial — 39.6%
  • Gen Z — 44.5%

Data Axle surveyed more than 1,000 consumers. 




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