MessageMedia Teams Up With ActiveCampaign For SMS

MessageMedia has launched a new app for sending marketing texts.  

The firm has partnered with ActiveCampaign, a firm that provides email, CRM, messaging chat and text automations, to create SMS for ActiveCampaign. 

The goal is to help brands “consolidate communications and text within their marketing automation platforms,” states Paul Perrett, CEO of MessageMedia.

The integration will allow businesses to improve customer engagement with text messaging, the companies claim. Among its features are two-way text messaging and streamlined communications tracking.  

In addition, the arrangement facilitates personalized promotional campaigns, automatic contact activity logs and simplified country codes, while streamlining automation workflows.   

Users can send “smart marketing messages at the right time, directly to customers' phones,” states Gwen Sioson, partner manager at ActiveCampaign. 




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